Blue Wave 2.0: A Magical Spell to Save America

11 min readOct 11, 2020


Even if you’ve never considered doing a magical spell, your country needs you now more than ever. Here’s a ritual that is easy and powerful — do it, share it with friends, then VOTE Donald Trump and the GOP out of office to save America!


This is the most important election in the history of the United States.

I could enumerate the reasons why Donald Trump and all members of the Republican Party need to be thrown out of office, but what’s the point? Entire books have been written about this disastrous presidency. If you don’t understand the gravity of Trump and the Republican Party’s assaults on democracy, public health, the rule of law, and human rights, well, you’re probably not reading this anyway.

Donald Trump’s “Stand back and stand by” dogwhistle to white supremacist terrorists, and his threats to reject the peaceful transition of power, are blatant, unvarnished calls for a fascist putsch on November 3rd—an authoritarian power-grab that, should he win (or steal) the election, would bring an abrupt end the American experiment.

Goodbye United States of America, welcome to The Divided Kingdom of Trumpistan. Present your papers, citizen, and take off that stupid mask.

And with a few exceptions, the entire Republican Party has swallowed his poisonous orange Kool-Aid, aiding and abetting his criminality, inhumanity, depravity, and corruption at every turn. The Trump cultists bow and scrape and grovel as their Dear Leader demands, even as he infects their ranks with a deadly virus that has killed over 210,000 U.S. citizens.

I don’t care if you’re a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, a Libertarian, a Green, unaffiliated, or if you’ve never voted or cared about politics. If you care about the principles that have sustained our fragile democracy through dark times — justice, the rule of law, equality, civility, and human rights — your country needs you now more than ever.

We need the Blue Wave.

Our first Blue Wave spell, which I published in October of 2018 in advance of the midterm elections, was a massive success, with Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives and the bold, new presence of many more women and people of color (including the famous Squad). Without the Democrat-led House, we could never have impeached the president or discovered the real extent of his crimes and abuses of power.

It’s terrifying to imagine what Trump and his cultists could have gotten away with without House Democrats’ persistent investigations and hearings.

But the GOP-controlled Senate thwarted justice and the rule of law at every opportunity. Now they’re attempting to shove a literal handmaid into the Supreme Court.

It’s high time we took back the Senate, too.

I remember a lesson my father taught me when I was a kid, as I watched him record the televised Watergate hearings on a reel-to-reel tape recorder. He was a life-long union man, someone who always stood up for the underdog and taught me to resist unprincipled and despotic power. We talked about the importance of voting, and he made a point that is too often overlooked. “You can vote to put someone you like into power,” he told me. “And that’s important. But you can also use your vote to take someone out. Especially if that person is corrupt or dangerous.”

In other words, voting is our collective way of saying, “You’re fired!”

Voting is a tool, not a love letter. It can work two ways: as an opportunity to vote the right people into office, but also a defensive act to remove the corrupt, the criminal, and those doing grievous harm.

It’s time for every conscientious person — Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Green, Socialist, or other — to come to the aid of their country and throw Donald Trump and the treasonous, complicit, criminal GOP out on their asses.

We’re standing on the edge of an abyss, America.

It’s time to put all of our collective spiritual energy into the fight.

Join us. You don’t need to be a witch, a Wiccan, or a magic practitioner. You can be any religion or none, spiritual or an atheist. You can do the ritual as a prayer to whatever god or goddess you favor, to the Universe at large, or just to reaffirm your commitment to your ideals.

You don’t need to believe in magic to make magical things happen.

Please join us in saving America!


Do this ritual as frequently as possible until the election, if possible. Noon is best, midnight is also a good time, but do it whenever you have the opportunity.

Many groups and individuals will be doing this Blue Wave spell on Halloween night, October 31st, under the full blue moon. Serendipitously, this blue Halloween moon will be the first time the moon will be visible to the entire globe, and not just parts of it, since WWII. Is there a better time to work spells against Nazis? Please join us at 11:59pm on Halloween night!

Most importantly, do this magical working the night of Monday, November 2nd. Then go out on Tuesday, November 3rd and vote!


  • Blue candle (I recommend a glass-enclosed novena/prayer candle, but any type of candle will do). You can print out and apply the Bind Trump sigil (symbol) to the candle if you wish.
  • Small red candle (ideally, one that has never been lit)
  • Black and white printout of the United States (you can use the one below; right/control click, save, and print)
  • Blue paint and brush, crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Blue paint is especially good because it is largely water.
  • Justice tarot card (or print of one)
  • Pin or nail (to inscribe candle)
  • Optional: Photos of candidates you are supporting, their campaign literature, or other election materials
  • Optional: items from your own spiritual or magical tradition and/or photos of people of power—Ruth Bader Ginsburg, perhaps, or (as on my altar) my former Congressman (and Trump foe) The Honorable Elijah Cummings.


If you have an altar, use it. If you don’t have an altar, clear a quiet, private space to serve as one. A table or desk top is fine.

If you like incense, burn a fragrance that pleases you.

Use the pin or nail to inscribe the words Blue Wave in the wax of the blue candle. If you’re using a prayer/novena candle, carve it into the top of the candle near the wick. Place the candle in a central spot on your altar.

Take the printout of the map of the United States and place it on your altar space with your blue paints, markers, or pencils.

Right/control-click, save, and print.

Place the Justice tarot card on your altar. You can lean it up against the blue candle if you’d like.

If you are using photos or literature of candidates you are supporting, arrange them around the blue candle.

With the pin or nail, carve TRUMP GOP in the red candle. If your candle is too small to carve, just say (with contempt) “You are Donald Trump and the Republican Party!” while holding the candle. Place it on your altar in front of the blue candle (lying on its side is fine).

Prepare for ritual per your tradition (if you have one), meditate for a moment, or just take a few deep breaths to center yourself. You are now ready to begin.

Light the blue candle, then say:

Hear me, oh spirits
Of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air
Heavenly hosts
and spirits of the ancestors

I call upon you
In this hour of need
And request your aid
To save my country and its people
From the grip of tyrants and evildoers

Raise a mighty blue wave, spirits
A wave of justice, and mercy, and truth
To wash away the corruption
And injustice
And wickedness
Of Donald Trump and the Republican Party
In a peaceful transition of power

Take your paintbrush, marker, or pencil, and begin coloring the map. Fill it in completely with blue. During this process, visualize an enormous wave of blue water washing over and cleansing the land. You don’t have to be neat and color within the lines—the important thing is that you feel the powerful wave of blue voters filling in the map. Make splashy water noises. Get into it!

You could also repeat phrases or ad lib as you color in the map: “Wash away the Nazis, wash away the hate” or similar.

If there are states in which you have a particular focus (critical swing states, perhaps, or those with tight races), spend extra energy coloring them in.

When you’re done turning the map blue, place it (face-up) under the blue candle.

Hold your hands out, palms facing the candle.

Water, may you wash away corruption and injustice
Earth, may you bury the rot and sickness of authoritarianism
Fire, may you fuel the desire of all good people to vote
Air, may you carry truth and honesty on your winds

Pick up the red candle.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party, by your wickedness, you are broken
Donald Trump and the Republican Party, by your deception, you are broken
Donald Trump and the Republican Party, by your corruption, you are broken

Say with absolute contempt and fury:

Your power is broken!* (you may target particular Republicans by name here; see Notes below)

Snap the red candle, feeling the power of the entire Trump administration and the GOP breaking and shattering. Hear their cries of despair. Place the pieces of the red candle in front of the blue candle.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party, you shall be ground to sand beneath the waves

Again, hold your hands out to the blue candle. Then say, with increasing power while visualizing a huge blue wave rising and washing over a map of the United States:

Blue Wave, rise!
Blue Wave, wash over the land!
Blue Wave, cleanse!
Blue Wave, renew!*
(You can add candidate names here; see notes below)

End the ritual with a prayer, clasping your hands.

May the sword of Justice prevail
May those who have embraced hate find love
May those who have gone astray
Find the path of righteousness
Forgive them, spirits
Break the chains that bind them
Open their eyes
Fill their hearts with mercy

For the sake of democracy
For the sake of the Union
For the sake of the earth
For the sake of all sentient beings

So mote it be!

Allow the blue candle to burn as long as you would like, radiating its energy. When you blow it out, say “thank you.” Light the candle every day and say a prayer for victory, even if you don’t do the full spell.

Dispose of the broken red candle remnants at a crossroads (a trash can or dumpster near a crossroads is ideal), in running water, or bury it in a desolate place. Treat it as if it’s rotten, toxic garbage.

If you have used campaign literature on your altar, give it out before the election or at the polls.

If this sort of spiritual activism appeals to you and you’d like to do more, please consider joining with the 5,000+ members of our Facebook group, Bind Trump (Official).

And did I mention…. GET OUT THE VOTE!


Please feel free to change the wording to suit your spiritual practice or tradition. Christians and Jews, for example, might omit the four directions and “spirits” and simply say “God.” Atheists and agnostics can appeal to the Universe. Adjust and tweak as you see fit. The important thing is that you do it, with intention and with all of the spiritual power and personal energy you can summon.

This spell is easily adaptable for groups. Just say the words in a call-and-response manner.

Visualization is a key element in effective spellcasting. See in your mind’s eye the cleansing and purifying blue wave rising, impossibly high above the land, and washing across the country.

After you say “So mote it be,” feel the joy of a Democratic sweep, resoundingly crushing Donald Trump and his allies and winning the House and the flipping the Senate. Use all of your senses — hear the cheers of voters, feel the upwelling of happiness in your heart, see in your mind’s eye the electoral map flipping from red to blue on cable news. Really feel it as if it is already accomplished. That is an important key to manifesting magic.

*If you are focused on particular candidates, especially those in close or swing state races, you may consider reciting their names in the ritual after “Blue wave renew!” For example:

Blue Wave, renew!

Joe Biden . . . rise!
Kamala Harris . . . rise!
Sara Gideon… rise!
Jaime Harrison . . . rise!
Amy McGrath . . . rise!
Steve Bullock . . . rise!
Mark Kelly . . . rise!
John Hickenlooper . . . rise!
Theresa Greenfield . . . rise!
Phil Arballo . . . rise!
MJ Hegar . . . rise!
Cal Cunningham . . . rise!
Theresa Greenfield . . . rise!
Jon Ossoff . . . rise!
Al Gross . . . rise!
Raphael Warnock . . . Rise


If you’re feeling a bit hexy and want to get personal, feel free to add a litany of the names of despicable GOP members after “Your power is broken!” For example:

Donald J. Trump . . . your power is broken!
Mike Pence . . . your power is broken!
Lindsey Graham . . . your power is broken!
Mitch McConnell . . . your power is broken!
Susan Collins . . . your power is broken!


We’re gonna win this, friends, in an unprecedented (and joyfully un-presidented) landslide. Please share this with your friends and networks and let’s fire up those blue candles and take our country back!


Michael M. Hughes is a writer, speaker, and magical thinker. His Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him became the largest ongoing magical working in history. The ultra-conservative American Spectator said, “He may play footsie with the devil, but at least the man has a sense of humor.”

Michael is the author of Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2018), which has been called “a rabble-rousing battle cry for magical thinkers everywhere” and “a fascinating look at how the occult arts can be used to promote progressive politics and social change.” He is also the author of the cult horror Blackwater Lights trilogy (Penguin Random House).

Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change is available in print and ebook from your favorite bookseller and online. If you have a local alternative/occult/Pagan/new age bookseller, please support them!

You can sign up for Michael’s newsletter, check out his YouTube channel, and follow him on Twitter and Facebook. The official Bind Trump group is also on Facebook, so if you’re looking for a group to work some magic with, that’s where you’ll find them.

Michael’s other work on Medium may be found here, and his website has links to his other books, anthologies, and essays.

Resist. Organize. Work Magic. VOTE.