Blue Wave 2.0: A Magical Spell to Save America

Even if you’ve never considered doing a magical spell, your country needs you now more than ever. Here’s a ritual that is easy and powerful — do it, share it with friends, then VOTE Donald Trump and the GOP out of office to save America!




  • Blue candle (I recommend a glass-enclosed novena/prayer candle, but any type of candle will do). You can print out and apply the Bind Trump sigil (symbol) to the candle if you wish.
  • Small red candle (ideally, one that has never been lit)
  • Black and white printout of the United States (you can use the one below; right/control click, save, and print)
  • Blue paint and brush, crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Blue paint is especially good because it is largely water.
  • Justice tarot card (or print of one)
  • Pin or nail (to inscribe candle)
  • Optional: Photos of candidates you are supporting, their campaign literature, or other election materials
  • Optional: items from your own spiritual or magical tradition and/or photos of people of power—Ruth Bader Ginsburg, perhaps, or (as on my altar) my former Congressman (and Trump foe) The Honorable Elijah Cummings.


Right/control-click, save, and print.


Resist. Organize. Work Magic. VOTE.



writer/speaker/magical thinker:

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