Choosing a Divination System

Divination in Theory & Practice: Part Two (YouTube)
Tarot de Marseille from Pierre Madenié 1709 © Yves Reynaud


  • Are drawn to the deeply resonant and symbolically rich images on the cards
  • Are good with language and metaphor
  • Like telling stories
  • Are primarily visual and verbal
  • Want to be able to read for others (or even read professionally)
The 64 hexagrams of the I Ching


  • Prefer more abstract symbols over complex pictures (the oracle generates one or two hexagrams (symbols made up of broken and unbroken lines) from a total of 64.
  • Like to have the meanings of the symbols clearly written and explained
  • Are more logical and prefer short, succinct answers (vs. fuzzy metaphors of tarot)
  • Are mostly interested in reading for yourself
The 16 Geomantic Figures


  • Prefer a logical, forthright, binary numerical system
  • Enjoy and have some familiarity with astrology (European geomancy incorporates astrology)
  • Like getting direct yes/no answers to questions
  • Don’t mind limited educational resources (as compared to tarot)
  • Are drawn to African and African diasporic traditions, like Sikidy and Ifa (which are related)
  • Want to provide unique, uncommon readings for yourself and others

But What About. . . .




writer/speaker/magical thinker:

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writer/speaker/magical thinker:

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