Global Mass Ritual to Curse Vladimir Putin and Protect Ukraine

6 min readFeb 28, 2022
Иди нахуй, Путин

UPDATE: This ritual is being done every Saturday at 7:33pm EDT (or as close as you can to that time).

ALSO: Many people are doing this hex throughout the days and evenings, in what is seen as a “rolling” hex, so that the ritual is always taking place. Please feel free to do the ritual as often as you wish, and coordinate with others to keep the blue and yellow candles burning.

This first mass ritual took place at 7:33pm EST on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022, and continues weekly, every Saturday night at 7:33pm EDT and at other times on a rolling basis, until Vladimir Putin is removed from power and Ukraine is free.

After each ritual, please make a donation to United Help Ukraine or Doctors Without Borders.

#HEXPUTIN Version 1.2 (there has been even further correction to the Russian language used in the hex—please take note!). This mass ritual is open source, but please link to this page, as the ritual may be updated. Full permission and encouragement granted for translation (especially Russian and Ukrainian) and duplication.


  • Blue candle
  • Yellow candle
  • Handful of sunflower seeds (any kind, shelled or unshelled)
  • Matches or lighter
  • Ashtray, cauldron, or other fireproof vessel
  • Photo of Putin to burn (Use version below)
Иди нахуй, Путин (Print this out and burn!)

Optional Components

  • Sunflowers
  • Ukrainian Flag
  • Incense (frankincense and myrrh are excellent here)
  • Anointing oil (hyssop or protective oil of your choice)

Hex Putin Sigil

You are welcome to use this sigil (magical symbol), which was created for this working. Draw it, print it, have it on your altar, and/or visualize it during the ritual.

Hex Putin Sigil: Please feel free to duplicate, re-use, use as your avatar, etc.

Before you begin: If your tradition uses protection magic, do it. If not, a prayer to Saint Michael would be a good choice. There’s a Ukrainian Orthodox version here, and a traditional Catholic version here. Psalm 140 would also be perfect preparation for this ritual.

Look up the pronunciation of the Russian words in advance (links are below). Practice them.

Place the components on your altar (or a clear space in front of you) in a manner that pleases you. If you already have a working altar, place the items in a suitable arrangement. Make sure you have a flameproof cauldron or ashtray, as you will be burning Vladimir to ashes.

Light your incense and center yourself.

Use your anointing oil (lightly) on the crown of your head, your third eye, lips, throat, and centers of your palms.

Now you begin.


(Light the blue and yellow candles. As you’re lighting them, say “Bless and protect Ukraine”)

(Say aloud and with conviction)

Hear me, oh spirits
Of water, earth, fire, and air
Angels of the Heavens
And demons of the underworld

I call upon you
To bring ruin and destruction
Onto Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Warmaker, murderer, and despot
So that the wickedness, pain, and death he unleashes
Shall return to him tenfold

Bless the people of Ukraine, spirits
Break the chains of their oppressor
Inflame their fierce resistance
Keep their children safe
And lead them to freedom

(Pick up sunflower seeds and hold them in your hand. Say the following with ferocity and conviction)

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
You are
You are

(Drop sunflower seeds onto picture of Putin)

May you choke on the seeds of sunflowers
May your soldiers refuse to fight
May your people rise up against you
Break your bones
And cast you down into dust and ashes

In the name of justice
And liberty
And freedom
And peace

(Pick up and light photo of Putin. As he is burning, say with malice and increasing intensity)

Gori!* (pronounced “Guh-REE,” meaning “Burn!”)

(Drop the burning image. When Putin has burned to ashes, say loudly and with power)

Idi na hui Putin!** (pronounced Ee-dee na HOY Putin!) (Go fuck yourself, Putin!)

(Pause and say prayerfully)

Go forth, spirits, and carry this curse
To the head of Vladimir Putin
And return in peace to your place
Harming none other than the object
Of this malediction

(Say loudly and with conviction)

So mote it be!

(Laugh out loud at the ashes of Putin)


Flush Putin’s ashes down a toilet or scatter them outdoors in the wind.

Scatter sunflower seeds in a place where they may grow, saying, “May peace and freedom flower in Ukraine. So mote it be!”

Consider taking a purifying bath in salt water, anointing yourself with a protective oil, or other means of cleansing.


Russian Pronunciation

Why sunflowers? Because of this brave woman’s incredible curse.

Why “Go fuck yourself”? Because of these brave soldiers.

Why the laughter? Because malignant narcissists (like Putin and Trump) hate being laughed at.

Can I modify this ritual? Of course you can. Feel free to alter it as you wish—modify the hell out of it, just do some version of a Putin hex at the chosen time.

For example, witches or pagans may call upon their preferred deities while a Christian may call upon God or Jesus and a secular agnostic can call upon the universe or just do the ritual as an expression of personal desire and willpower. As with the Trump binding ritual, this is an ecumenical magical working—all are invited to change the words as they wish.

I can’t do it at 7:33pm EST, can I do it at another time? Absolutely. Try to get as close to the time as possible to piggyback on the group energy, but do it whenever you can. You can of course do it daily, weekly, or whenever you feel it is called for.

Why 7:33pm EST? Because a certain murderous dictator is likely asleep at that time (3:33am in Moscow). Poor sleeping, defenseless Vlad, I wonder what he will be dreaming?

Remove Putin from power? Isn’t that a little ambitious? Yes, it is. But—fuck Putin. It’s time for the Russian people to serve up some cold Russian justice.

Can I modify this for daily use? Of course. You can light the blue and yellow candles daily, for example, and do a ritual or prayer for the defense of Ukraine. Keep the sunflower seeds and printed sigil on your altar, too. Be creative.

I have some thoughts on this! Great, leave them in the comments. If you’re a Putin supporter or a GOP quisling, please Иди нахуй.

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