Tarot Magic Course: Available for Preorder

A complete system of practical magic based entirely in the archetypes, symbolism, and historical use of the tarot

3 min readNov 3, 2023

It’s heeeeeeere!

The newest course in the Art of Magical Living Series is now available for preorder! And I could not be more excited to share it with you.

Tarot Magic: Newest course in the Art of Magical Living Series

Tarot Magic gives you the tools to go far beyond the practice of divination — using the symbols, archetypes and energies of the tarot for personal transformation, self-improvement, and improved creativity. Tarot magic gives you powerful suite of tools to help you achieve your goals.

This course is truly the culmination of my decades of study and experimentation with tarot and diverse magical practices, from witchcraft to ceremonial and chaos magic to Indigenous and folk traditions. The course covers:

  • Creating Tarot Altars
  • Advanced Tarot Meditations
  • 22-week Journey through the Major Arcana
  • History of Tarot Magic
  • Tarot Talisman Creation
  • Tarot Cards as Weapons (Defensive Magic)
  • Tarot Spells and Rituals
  • Tarot and Psi Development
  • Bringing Magic to Your Readings
  • Adding Tarot Magic to other Magical Traditions

All this plus a private, safe, supportive online community where you can share your progress and make friends with your fellow students from around the world.

Interested? Here’s the course page and below is a video that goes in depth into what you will experience in the course.

When the course launches on November 13 (a new Moon, naturally), the full price will be $129.

But if you preorder the course now, you’ll save $50. That means you get the full course — with its 13 modules and dozens of individual lessons, readings and workbooks via PDF, along with the community and live events — for just $79.

(And if you’re a Founding Member, you will get the course absolutely free — look for an email and early access information soon!)

EVEN BETTER NEWS, friends, is that you can now pay in a series of installments with Afterpay. Because I know things are tight for most of us, I wanted to be sure everyone could afford to experience Tarot Magic — so you can buy now and pay later!

But please preorder now to take advantage of the discount!

Strange Realities 2023: https://www.strangerealitiesconference.com/

Catch my (virtual) talk at Strange Realities 2023

Sunday, November 5 • 3:30pm US Eastern Time

Strange Realities is one of my favorite conferences, and this year I’ll be doing a virtual talk on “Everything you always wanted to know about beginning a magical practice.” The conference takes place in Nashville, and runs from November 3–4 in person, and November 5th online only.

If you’re into the esoteric, occult, paranormal, and mysterious, please consider taking part — the lineup is alweays top-notch. You can get tickets (cheap!) here.

And speaking of the weird and wonderful …

Hi, Strangeness is the amazingly fun podcast from my pal Steve Berg (a comedian and actor you may recognize from The Good Place and Drunk History). And even better, he’s just one of the doggone nicest people I’ve ever known.

We met at last year’s Strange Realities conference and stayed up until the wee hours talking ghosts, magic, UFOs, bigfoot, synchronicity, David Lynch, punk rock, and our love of all things weird.

In this episode (Apple/Spotify), Steve and I spent almost 90 minutes yakking about all the strange stuff we love, plus I shared my one silver screen appearance — as an extra in John Waters’ 1988 comedy, “Hairspray.” (I am in the dodgeball scene — a much skinnier and younger me, LOL).


Please don’t forget to register for Tarot Magic before the preorder discount expires on Nov. 13.

Now go forth and enjoy the spookiest holiday of the year! Just remember to brush your teeth after you eat all the leftover candy, will ya?

All the best,