Blue Wave 3.0: Georgia on Our Minds: January 4th Mass Ritual

Join us January 4th, 2021 at 8pm EST as we do one final mass magical ritual to save our country!

Even if you’ve never considered doing a magical spell, your country needs you now more than ever. Here’s a ritual that is easy and powerful—share it with friends, take part, then watch as the final Blue Wave of the 2020 electoral runoff season washes away Republican control of the Senate!


  • Blue candle (I recommend a glass-enclosed novena/prayer candle, but any type of candle will do). You can print out and apply the Bind Trump sigil (symbol) to the candle if you wish.
  • Small red candle (ideally, one that has never been lit)
  • Black and white printout of the great state of Georgia (you can use the one below; right/control click, save, and print)
  • A photo of Jon Ossoff (print and use the one below or use your own)
  • A photo of Raphael Warnock (print and use the one below or use your own)
  • A photo of David Perdue (to burn)
  • A photo of Kelly Loeffler (to burn)
  • A photo of Georgia Congressman and Civil Rights icon John Lewis
  • Blue paint and brush, crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Blue paint is especially good because it is largely water.
  • Justice tarot card (or print of one)
  • Pin or nail (to inscribe candle)
  • Black marker or pencil
  • Ashtray or other flameproof container or cauldron
  • Matches or lighter


Sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines


Resist. Organize. Work Magic. VOTE.



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